Turbo / GT II 7460 KAI SPORTS

    Tags And Specifications

  • A stock replacement type Sports Turbine Kit for Lancer Evolution X. Turbo assembly is a 100% original HKS design and production ball bearing turbo. The target maximum horsepower is 430ps that is in between stock turbo and Full Turbine Kit. This turbo kit can be used with from stock engine to tuned engine. With large size compressor and exhaust side wheels, it has high flow capacity as well as quick response by ball bearing. It is good matching with vehicles with SST. Twin Scroll design with larger bypass port allows for improved control of exhaust pressure at high speed and reduced load on the engine. The heat durability is enhanced by 4 times of the conventional kit. The product performance is maintained and stabilized. The product durability and reliability are significantly improved by utilizing the heat resistant steel to the turbine wheel and housing